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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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start to our day. temperatures hovering around the 80 degree mark at reagan national airport, and cooler off to the west. 70 at winchester. 75 dulles. 77 in fredericksburg. the high pressure moves towards the east during the daytime and that will allow the heat to start the build for the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for today. 88-92. winds of the northwest. night falling into the 60's. tomorrow we crank up the humidity and a few more degrees. highs in the lower 90's. ready for 100 degrees? i will talk about that in a few minutes. first, traffic. we go to the traffic center camera. traffic is waking up on southbound 270. a slowdown at 109. allow yourself extra time on the baltimore washington parkway and
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50. a crash on kenilworth avenue southbound near eastern avenue. one lane is getting through. the tow truck is on the scene. travel times in our favor between richmond and baltimore on 95. a live picture in springfield. headlights in the northbound direction. metro reports of normal service. 6:01. orur top story. a two time police officer of the year accused of attempted murder. gene gillette is facing charges he shot a man in tried to cover it up. >> brianne carter is live. she has more on the bizarre sequence of events that led up to that shooting. >> gene gillette is expected to be in court later today for a bond hearing. this comes as authorities say a grand jury indicted him on 12 counts yesterday .
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yesterday, he came to the prince george's county police headquarters and turned himself in. facing a number of charges in connection with a shooting in capitol heights, police officer gene gillette turned himself into police. >> i thought it would be safer in the neighborhood with him being there but i see it only made things worse. >> according to sources, on july 2, a 20-year-old a man was lured to his residence where he was told there would be girls to shoot a pornographic movie. after being asked perform sexual acts of the officer the victim tried to flee in the officer's car. that is when gene gillette shot the man several times in the upper body. >> woke up to screaming. then you heard gunshots. i looked out the window and saw the crash. and saw another gunshot. >> according to authorities
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gene gillette claimed the man was a carjacker. >> police arrived on the scene and they did not stick with that story. >> according to authorities he has never been in any other trouble. he's been police officer of the year twice. if convicted he could face life in prison. fairfax county police are asking for the public's help in finding a serial slasher. the most recent attacks happened monday at fair oaks. police have released surveillance photographs. they believe he is responsible for five attacks at three area shopping centers. in each case he distracted the female shopper and cut her bas kside. couthere could be dire
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consequences from this a drawn- out fight. >> we have the latest on the ongoing, intense negotiations. >> as america inches one day closer to default leaders are no closer to a compromise. the proposals from john boehner is being reworked. there is a sense of urgency in washington with five days left before the nation heads its credit limit. speaker john boehner is rewriting his plan after the cbo found it would not cut spending as much as previously thought. a vote on the proposal planned for today is postponed until tomorrow. if congress fails to raise the $14.30 trillion debt limit in time, america's credit rating is facing a downgrade. the top priorities are insuring active military paychecks and social security checks. congressional leaders say it will not get to that point and the government will not default.
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dueling plans remain front and center as the debate moves on. now, analysts predicted that even if the deal is reached by next tuesday, a downgrade in the countries credit rating is likely. some on capitol hill have started preparing for the worst. senators are calling for the federal government to have a plan in place to prioritize the pavement that can and should be made. meanwhile oregon congressman david wu says he is stepping down here he is dealing with allegations that he had an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman last year. wu said he would finish out his term and not run for reelection. he now says he will step down as soon as the debt ceiling crisis is resolved. the house homeland security committee will hold a hearing on radicalize muslims in america.
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it comes after an investigation found that more than 40 somali- americans have been recruited to fight for terrorists in their homeland. officials say the actual number is a lot lower. the "the washington post" is reporting that al qaeda might be on the brink of collapse. the revelation comes about three months after the death of osama bin laden. officials say that the leaders death was a turning point. drone aircraft has helped to cripple the terror network. norwegian police are being criticized for their response to a shooting rampage at an island youth camp. it took officers an hour and a half to reach anders breivik the man accused of carrying out that attack. 76 people died in the attacks. anders breivik's lawyer says his client may ebe insane. here are the highlights from
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the last 24 hours. according to reports the redskins agreed with minnesota on a trade for donovan mcnabb. donovan mcnabb has to accept a pay cut. they will get some future sixth round picks in return. santana moss is returning to the burgundy and gold. training camp begins saturday at 8:30 a.m. next week, camp is monday through saturday. it is open to the public. there will be lots of fans out there excited to see the team back on the field. >> they have been on edge waiting. a lot of anticipation. 74 degrees. >> the beginning of the end for walter reed army medical center. we have a live report for you. how plusfare fare cards are getting a makeover. >> it's hump day.
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i'm with a military working dog in fort myer, virginia. >> good morning washington. >> 6:00. steve rudin has warned us, enjoy it while we can. >> how bad is it going to get? this afternoon will be nice. temperatures around 90 degrees where we should be.
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by tomorrow afternoon and friday, we crank up the heat. 63 in pittsburgh. 65 in detroit. you can see where the cooler air is located. 78 at reagan national. dewpoint at upper 50's. it feels so comfortable. grab the sunglasses. high pressure will move off the coast. winds will change to the south and west. that allows the heat and humidity to move back in. 88-92 today. nighttime lows in the 60's. tomorrow looking good, a bit warmer -- 89-93. this is the extended a look. 100 degrees on friday. the heat index rating will exceed 105. the same situation on saturday with a chance for thunderstorms on sunday. yes it is a relatively good
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morning. a couple incidents -- 10010 car fire gone. a car fire on shady grove road. no accidents to report a long 270. a good trip along the pentagon. 6:12 now. your time is running out to enter our latest ipad2 contest. log on to our facebook page at the deadline is today at 4:00. we announce the winner today on abc 7 news at 5:00. good luck. 6:12 and 74 degrees. >> bad news for the economy, but good news for coffee lovers.
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our top stories. a police officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law. a grand jury indicted officer gene gillette on attempted murder in connection with a shooting at a capitol heights hall earlier this month. he is expected to be in court today. less than six days before a potential default. it is not clear whether lawmakers can reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. republican led house and democrat-controlled senate are debating different plans. walmart is going head-to- head with netflix. the world's largest retailer is launching a service that allows people to rent or buy movies over the internet and jetstream
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them to tv's and playstations. the service does not require a subscription. in the day ahead eleanor holmes norton plans to speak out on behalf of 90,000 for load -- furloughed faa employees. they will push for a bill to get the employees back to work. the fight for jobs is a leading to an emotional showdown in frederick county. >> this plant has got to go. >> more than 100 people rally. they are upset about privatizing jobs to save money. 6:15. the u.s. postal service money problems could lead to the closing of thousands of post offices. many of them are in our area.
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95 stations in virginia are on the list to be studied foreclosure, along with 42 in maryland and 19 in d.c. one of those stations is on benning road. >> if they close it will put more burden on the other areas. >> i do not have access to a computer. i depend on the post office in to do my delivery, shipping. >> one major reason for the postal service financial problems -- customers going on line to do their business. metro is issuing special one day passes. they look like this and are commemorating the opening of the martin luther king memorial. it cost $9. it can be used weekdays after 9:30 a.m. or all day on weekends. the memorial opens august 22 and is dedicated august 28.
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the 2012 olympics in london but will begin a year from today. a torch relay takes place from the canadian embassy to the british embassy. the runners will carry the torch. a u.s. a login will make a guest appearance. at the nation's credit rising home prices, and a slam dunkin. >> topping america's money -- credit concerns. thanks to the wrangling over the debt ceiling experts predict the government will lose its aaa credit rating and be rated the same as countries like bermuda and slovenia. house prices are up. prices are lower than a year ago. there are many foreclosure is waiting to go on the market and bring prices down further. the parent company of dunkin
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donuts and goes public today. the cash it's racing will help it expand west of the mississippi where rivals have more stores. it makes most of its money from coffee. for the first time shares of apple computer are opening above $400. that makes it the second most of the label company, not that far behind exxon mobile and way ahead of microsoft. 6:18 now. time for a look at traffic and the weather. >> you've got a nice one today. >> sunglasses keep them handy. tomorrow all you will need more comfortable outfits. >> meaning cooler. >> tomorrow is hotter. >> cooler clothing. >> we got it figured o ut. >> the sun is up.
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temperatures at reagan national is 78 degrees. the wind at 12 miles per hour giving us a chill. 77 degrees at george washington university. rahal but beach delaware, at 76 degrees -- at rehoboth beach delaware. 68 in gaithersburg. frederick at 64. the heat and humidity is building to the west of us. you will feel the difference tomorrow afternoon. today, high pressure is off the coast. winds of the south and west that will allow for the warm-up. this afternoon temperatures will make it around nine degrees. it will feel a couple of degrees warmer but not too bad. he will ride on friday that is where we -- the heat will arrive on friday with daytime highs at 100. few high clouds for overnight.
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the nighttime lows in the mid to upper 60's lower 70's for the district. tomorrow, a bit more humidity. temperatures in the lower 90's our allies are approaching 100 on friday. 98 degrees on saturday. head over to steve you talked about lots of sunshine. i pulled up this camera because sunshine definitely in the eyes of commuters. what a glorious morning. not too bad in springfield. northbound 95, the headlights with a normal backup to get into landmark. in and out of baltimore is running well. if you heard about the crash at kenilworth avenue is gone. metro is on time. not bad. it's 6:20 and 74 degrees.
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>> a stories wash. institution is preparing to close its doors after more than 100 years. later today on "oprah" a "saturday night live" all-star cast reunion.
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alvarez is coming home.
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not int time. he's called safe. >> the atlanta braves edged pittsburgh. after 19 innings of baseball, maybe the umpire wanted to get home. six hours and 39 minutes. it is along this game ever at turner field. it did not take nearly as long for the marlins. >> nats pitcher jordan zimmeran was serving up dsardines. the marlins win 11-2. that leaves the d.c. nine in last place. hundreds of people attended of private funeral service in london today . amy winehouse's father said she
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was in good spirits before she was found dead last friday. it is not clear what killed the 27-year-old grammy winner. wedding bells will not be ringing for jesse james and kat von dee. people magazine reports the couple called off their engagement. they planned to marry this summer. jmesames says the distance was too much. he lives in texas. she shoots her show and los angeles. -- in los angeles. they broke up on sandra bullock's birthday. there is another half hour of "good morning washington". >> important information for anyone that planned on traveling abroad this summer. >> we inch closer to defaulting. i will let you know why the
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republican plan has hit a major snag. a pleasant morning with lots of sunshine. the heat and humidity is coming back along with 100 degree heat. plus doug
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead pornography and attempted murder. a respected officer behind bars. good morning, washington. it's wednesday july 27. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. steve rudin has a pretty good forecast. >> a nice start to this wednesday morning. much cooler than the past several days. lower humidity levels. 75 degrees in dulles, 77 in
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quantico the same in fredericksburg. dew point levels around 60 degrees. satellite and radar, high- pressure will move off the coast. that will allow heat and humidity to move back into the area tomorrow. 88-92 today. look for lots of sunshine with wind out of the northwest at 5- 15. doug hill will be here in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. out of cheverly and b-w parkway, a crash southbound at kenilworth avenue is completely gone. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. park police reporting everything is quiet, calm on the george washington parkway a, b-w parkway, and the suitland parkway. looks good in march 3 park and long beach drive. 66 and 95, normal volume. 270 southbound, plenty of your
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neighbors hitting the roadway. this picture is for the sunshine. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning a respected police officer behind bars. gene gillette is a two-time mount rainier police officer of the year, accused of attempted murder. he is expected to be in court today for bond hearing. >> the charges stem from a shocking series of events. brianne carter is live at prince george's county police headquarters. she is following the story. >> jean day led is expected in court later today for a bond hearing. this comes after he turned himself in at police headquarters yesterday. all of this after he faces a series of serious charges, including attempted murder in connection with an incident that happened on. july 2 according to sources, a 20-year-old man was lured to his
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house when he was told there would be girls there for pornographic film shoots. sources tell us that after some time and after being asked to perform sexual acts on the officer, if the male victim tried to flee their home. that is when until last allegedly shot the man. gillette claims this stemmed from a carjacking. the officer has never had any trouble prior to this. again, today he is expected to face a judge for a bond hearing. if convicted on the charges, he could face, up to life in prison. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. fairfax county police are stepping up their search for serial slasher. the most recent attack happened on monday at the fair oaks mall. police released surveillance photographss and they believe this man is responsible for at least five attacks at three area shopping centers. it's very disturbing.
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each time he distracted a female shopper and then cut her on the backside. the clock is ticking. lawmakers have about six days to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. but there's no agreement and frustration is mounting. leaders from both parties have come up with their own plans. one of those plans is getting last minute changes. >> we are following the latest developments from the newsroom. >> good morning. as america inches one day closer to defaulting on your bills leaders are no closer to compromise. a proposal from the speaker of the house is being rewritten at the last minute. >>phone lines flooded as angry americans call congressmembers over the debt limit debate. a vote on john boehner's plan is postponed until tomorrow. >> i think we will have some work to do to get it passed, but i think we can do it.
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>> the plan does not cut spending as much as it was thought. with the deadline for an american defaults less than a week away, leaders on both sides are feeling the heat, but not a sense of compromise. >> we put forward enough plants to fill a room -- -- enough compromise plans to fill a room. >> dueling plans from john boehner and harry reid remain front and center. rising interest rates and a declining dollar hanging in the balance. >> let's put together a plan that ultimately fixes the problem. there's only one plan on the table that would prevent a downgrade. >> even if a deal increased by next tuesday, a downgrade in the country's credit rating is still likely. that has some on capitol hill already preparing for the worst. some are calling for the federal government to get a plan in
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place to prioritize the payments that can and should be made. abc 7 news reporting. illinois congressman luis gutierrez was one of several people arrested during a protest at the white house yesterday. his spokesman says that he and the others sat on the sidewalk during an immigration reform protest and then refused to leave. he was charged with disobeying an official order. he was released after paying a $100 fine. he was arrested during a similar protests last year as well. in the day ahead d.c. councilman marion barry's sun is expected in court on drugs charges. the 31-year-old christopher barry was arrested in may after police found pcp and marijuana in his apartment. he is also scheduled in landlord tenant court today for an eviction hearing. he is accused of not paying his rent. the house homeland security committee will hold another hearing on muslim radicals in the united states. this comes after the committee
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chairman said more than 40 somali-americans have been recruited to fight with terrorists in their homeland. counter-terrorism officials say the actual figure is much lower. americans should be on alert while traveling overseas./ the state department issued a warning for travelers on the higher risk of anti-american violence in the wake of osama bin laden's deck. officials say that al qaeda and other groups are planning attacks against u.s. interests in europe, asia, africa, and the middle east. the redskins are getting back to work and they're making some moves. published reports say there is a deal in place to send quarterback donovan mcnabb to the minnesota vikings in exchange for a sixth round draft pick next year. that would require donovan mcnabb to restructure his contract. while donovan mcnabb may be going, looks like santana moss is staying. the 32-year-old wide receiver will report except a three-
6:37 am
year-a deal, $15 million contract offer. he has led the redskins in receiving each year since he joined the team in 2005. 6:36, 74 degrees. >> it has been a d.c. institution for nearly a century, and now walter reed is getting ready to close its doors. we will have a live report. >>
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welcome back. 6:39 on this wednesday morning. we can enjoy this weather for a little while. >> doug hill is joining us live from calvert county. this is a day to enjoy because it will get hotter and hotter from here. >> another beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine, warm temperatures around 90 with low humidity. the humidity starts up again tomorrow. by friday, a triple digits. pretty high heat indexes as well. let's look at annapolis. looking up the severn river towards the chesapeake bay on this wednesday morning, a beautiful day. light winds today. temperatures are comfortable. 64 degrees right now in frederick. 66 in gaithersburg. former at the airport at reagan
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national, 78. 77 in quantico. there's a frontal system that came through last night at and is going to assure in another day of dry air and temperatures near 90 degrees. as the high-pressure center moves off the coast today, we will have higher humidity levels and higher temperatures. comfortable weather today with sunshine 88-92. the next couple days we will be in the low 90's tomorrow, near 100 degrees on friday. a lot more coming up in a couple minutes. back to you. >> thank you. how are the roadways looking? >> pretty decent. 66 eastbound is slowing, normal stuff out of manassas and centreville and again at 50. 95 delays before and after the occoquan. in the geico traffic camera enter camera delays leading the beltway. here's the pace of a way to king street. in maryland, the worst is from fredericton montgomery county.
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looks like this from 80 past 109.
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it's the beginning of the end for a story d.c. institution. >> after more than 100 years in northwest washington, the walter reed army medical center will begin a closing transition today. jummy olabanji is live at historic campus to tell us the details. good morning. >> good morning. later on this morning officials at walter reed army medical center will note theholds the official color ceremony, when they will bring down the flag. they put the flag into a special protective case of where it will remain now that this institution is closing.
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this has been an institution in northwest washington for over a century. the walter reed army medical center is shutting its doors in the next few weeks. the center will be realigned and joined the medical center in bethesda and fort belvoir. today's ceremony will celebrate 102 years with a distinguished guest speakers and a musical selection by the u.s. army band. war heroes have received treatment all the way back to the first world war. 18th thousand troops who served in iraq and afghanistan have been treated. many of them will be here today for the special ceremony. patients will be transported to bethesda in the coming weeks. jummy olabanji reporting from northwest, abc 7 news. metro is stepping in to help
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with gridlock associated with the brac realignment. on august 8, metro will implement the new metro bus route between the pentagon and mark center. and it will enhance several other routes in anticipation of the relocation of thousands of military personnel. taking a look around the region the teenager found with a missing seven-month-old baltimore baby will be charged as an adult. 16-year-old jonae boozer faces out deduction assault, and burglary charges. she took the boy from his father's baltimore home on friday. they were found monday morning in northeast washington. the heatwave last week took a toll on maryland. three people died from the related illnesses. that includes a prince george's county man, a baltimore woman and a man from somerset county on the eastern shore. officials say all of them had underlying health conditions. nine people have died from heat- related elder mrillnesses this year.
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west nile virus discovered in the district. the disease was found in mosquitos samples taken in cleveland park, woodley park and adamas morgan. people are urged to be careful even though the risk of infection is low. the virus is usually found in the mid atlantic region during the summer. the debt ceiling debate is going to have dire consequences even if lawmakers reach a deal. >> why the nation's credit will most likely take a hit and no matter what. that creates a scary scenario for most of us. >> what it means is that the credit markets around the world not only in the u.s., are judging how well the u.s. can handle its debt. so far it has been a fiasco. you have people worried about the fact the u.s. could default. moody's and standard & poor's, the largest credit ratings
6:48 am
agencies, have already issued memoranda stating that the u.s. is in danger no matter what happens because if it's taken so long to resolve the crisis and because it has played out so publicly in such an unusual fashion. >> so many people on capitol hill as well as at the white house say we don't want to default on our debt and it's important we remain in good standing. do you think they are really aware of how dangerous the situation is when it comes to the credit market? and the fact we are lingering in a recession effectively? >> members of both parties several come to grips with this. conservative republicans all of a sudden are saying that we need to find a way to make this happen. the fact that they are taking this very seriously now compared to where there were a month ago or weeks ago indicates that this message is hitting home. the markets during up and down over the week. and memoranda issued by the credit rating agencies.
6:49 am
and warnings that every day americans could see problems in on credit portfolio. home mortgage rates increasing, automobile loans increasing, student loan interest rates increasing. all of that could be extremely detrimental to the economy. >> a terrible time. thanks so much joe. >> my pleasure. the let's see how the day looks ahead of us. a pretty good one so far. >> yes. give us a look at what is in store. >> it's going to be a very nice day. the 27th day of july, sunshine, low humidity. 90 degrees for the high, averaged four this time of year. let's look at temperatures right now. as we look up to the west of town 73 in reston with calm wind. 76 at rehoboth beach. things are shaping up nicely put the beach weekend. wtop in northwest, 74 degrees. 76 at mount rainier.
6:50 am
the farther north you go, the cooler the temperature is. more units to the south. that will start creeping back tomorrow and especially friday and the weekend. very comfortable at the moment. high-pressure is dominating. a line of showers and storms in the midwest rotating around the top of the ridge of high pressure. we will not have any real concerns of rainfall until the weekend. late-day showers and thunderstorms possible then. sunny and comfortable today. 88-92. northwesterly breeze. tonight, a few icloud 64-72 degrees. heat and humidity creeping back up on us tomorrow. 89-93. 100 degrees by friday. goethe -- go to for the whether any time. there's a terrible drought in the horn of africa on a weather
6:51 am
blog on our web site. check that out. that drought will not end. we will be back with steve rudin in a few minutes. the weekend whether the in a couple minutes. lisa baden educate us on the commute. >> 295 is better northbound through a work zone at the suitland parkway, there's a slowdown one lane getting through. southbound out of cheverly on the b-w parkway is normal. new york avenue is status quo. delays no. these into northwest. -- delays from the northeast to the northwest. about five from waldorf is looking much better than it was. in and out of baltimore not bad.
6:52 am
no worries on 270 southbound. there's a slowdown on the beltway at new hampshire avenue in this picture. more in just a moment.
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captioned by the national captioning institute 6:54. time to check this morning's top stories. a mount rainier police officer accused of shooting a man is expected to appear in court today.
6:55 am
a grand jury indicted officers gene gillette on attempted murder and other charges to in connection with a shooting earlier this month. he was twice named officer of the year. congress will spend another day trying to reach a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling and cut spending before a potential default next week. the house and senate are debating competing plans and it is not clear is either plan would be able to pass. redskins are back at work and making moves. there's a deal to send quarterback donovan mcnabb to the minnesota vikings. wide receiver santana mosfet will sign a deal to stay with the redskins a few more years. a tribute to nasa's shuttle program is good enough to eat. " and the sculptures are made entirely of butter. they are on display at the ohio state fair in columbus and hopefully in the refrigerator.
6:56 am
the cincinnati artist created the sculptures to mark the end of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. >> really detailed. >> very detailed. that is impressive. >> very nice. time for a last look at traffic and weather. >> b-w parkway we understand they found some activity northbound at 197. a minor accident. looks like it's on the right shoulder. northbound near 197. lanes are open. but look at the slow pace. if that will give you something to expect on your way to work at fort meade. now to steve rudin. a nice day, temperatures around 90 degrees. a little warmer tomorrow, low 90's. if 100 degrees on friday with a heat index around 105. slightly cooler on saturday. tens of isolated showers on sunday and monday. not going to amount to much.
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